Pet store basics. Photo courtesy of Canva

The sign caught my eye as soon as I walked through the door.

Tattered and decorated in permanent marker once crossed out, “We Are Hiring” was plastered across it in unmatched penmanship. It stuck out against the rows of dog toys and treats that filled the walls and racks, its red color faded at the edges exposing how much use it’s gotten throughout its life.

I remember feeling like I wanted to ask about it, not because I was interested, but because it seemed so out of reach for me at the time, or at least that was the story…

Jacklyn Lune Photography.

Hustle Culture is a term coined by the work non-stop, grind away all day, you’re only as valuable as what you can produce, Capitalism drive society we live in — and it’s causing entrepreneurs some serious self-worth damage.

There’s no denying that it takes hustle and hella heart to run a small business, but it doesn’t mean your self-worth and care needs to be thrown out the window. …

How do you live out your every day?

Would you say each day was extraordinary, full of adventure, and blissful brain bombs that bring you fulfillment? Would you say they were average and mundane, simple at best? And what about the days that feel exhausting and draining, the ones where you kind of want to crawl out of your own skin?

Friend, let me let you in on a little spoiler alert; unless you’re living on another planet (if you are, lmk how I can sign up to join) or have blinders on — every day is apart of this…

Vanessa Checchio

Creator of bachata & barbells. Writer. Energy worker. PitBull mama. Alignment Coach. Spiritualist. Bookshelf enthusiast.

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